Congratulations of the highest order are given to Matthew Dambra of Patterson Troop 440


Congratulations of the highest order are given to Matthew Dambra of Patterson Troop 440 for successfully completing the requirements necessary to earn the Boy Scouts of America’s highest rank, that of an Eagle Scout.

 Achieving this rank is truly an accomplishment and one you will undoubtedly consider a significant milestone in your life. Only 5% of young men involved in Scouting ever achieve the rank of Eagle. You soar among a select few.

Your service project, the complete refurbishment of the petting zoo at Camp Herrlich will be enjoyed for years to come by children who come to the camp. Rebuilding the area, making it safe for the animals as well as the campers speaks to your foresight in providing a long lasting environmental and educational experience for the Camp Herrlich community.

Planning the project, getting the necessary approvals, seeking volunteers and donations, learning to delegate, and overseeing the those involved in taking your plan and making it a reality, were key lessons learned and ones that will serve you well throughout your life.

Through Scouting, Matthew, you have learned much about nature, citizenship, personal fitness and management and emergency preparedness. Every merit badge you earned has presented you with insights to the worlds within these categories but most importantly, Scouting has taught you about yourself. There is no merit badge or particular award for that, but knowing oneself, recognizing your strengths and using them wisely will also serve you well throughout your life.

You have done exceedingly well, Michael. I am honored to sign my hand to this Proclamation and offer you the congratulations of the entire County of Putnam.


MaryEllen Odell, Putnam County Executive
April 6, 2013