Congratulations and kudos are due Kevin T. Neary


Congratulations and kudos are due Kevin T. Neary, a man who for almost two decades has been mentor, advisor, coach, counselor, and teacher to both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts in the Mahopac area.

 It is fitting that Kevin be honored for his years in Scouting where he has shared his unique expertise and provided help and hope to countless boys and young men involved in Scouting.

As a youngster, Kevin was a Cub Scout in the second, third and fourth grades at the Immaculate Conception Monastery in Jamaica, Queens. When his family moved to Mahopac, Kevin continued on for a short while as a Boy Scout and while he left Scouting, he never lost his love for the Boy Scout experience. Years later, in 1994, Kevin returned to Scouting as Mahopac Cub Scout Pack 89 Assistant Scoutmaster when his son, Brian, entered the ranks.

Since 1994, numerous boys and young men have been instructed and inspired by Kevin as he served as Asst. Cubmaster and Committee member for Mahopac Cub Scout Pack 89 and then as Asst. Scoutmaster and, later, Scoutmaster of Mahopac Boy Scout Troop 1. Kevin has mentored, advised, coached, counseled, taught and encouraged 20 Boy Scouts including his son, Brian, as they persevered further and successfully reached the rank of Eagle Scout, something only five percent of those who enter Scouting ever achieve.

On behalf of the citizens of Putnam County I sign my hand with great pleasure to this Proclamation honoring and thanking Asst. Scoutmaster Kevin T. Neary for his years of dedicated service to Mahopac Boy Scout Troop 1.


MaryEllen Odell, Putnam County Executive
June 7, 2013