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Putnam County Day 2021 Another Virtual Celebration, June 12, 2021

June 12, 2021, Carmel, New York – June 12th marks the 209th birthday of Putnam County, a celebration of a new county in a new country.  Unfortunately, the annual observation of Putnam County Day at the Historic Courthouse has been canceled again this year, albeit during the waning days of the pandemic. However, a virtual celebration and outdoor exhibit on the steps of the Historic Courthouse has been put on display for this special occasion.

“The Historian’s Office has been busy working with local historians, historical societies, museums, schools and Carmel’s Boy and Girl Scouts to assemble a video program and an outdoor exhibit which focus on the presence of the American Flag in our local history,” says Jennifer Cassidy of the Historian’s Office.  “It’s an impressive study of patriotism.”

Some of the earliest appearances of the American flag in the Putnam County Archives, located in Brewster, NY, can be found in the F.W. Beers Atlas of New York and the Vicinity published in 1867. The Historian’s Office created a two-volume video in which they provide in-depth history of the illustrations of Putnam County homes and establishments that are adorned with Old Glory, some of the earliest images of the County. “A second volume features the Cub Scouts of Carmel Pack One and Daisy Troop 1049 who contributed an amazing history of the American flag that complements historic and contemporary photographs of towns and villages and people throughout Putnam County, we are so grateful for their participation,” says Cassidy.

An additional feature for 2021 is the outdoor exhibit of images from county-wide collections.  The public is invited to visit the steps of the Historic Courthouse to view panels which feature amazing images from every town and village thanks to the Historian’s Collection, Putnam History Museum, Southeast Museum, as well as the Carmel, Kent, Patterson and Putnam Valley historical societies. “We encourage everyone to explore the County Seat, view the exhibits at the courthouse and continue their stroll down Gleneida to admire the Row of Honor,” says Cassidy.  “During this time of year, the flag theme works well as Putnam County Day feeds into Flag Day on June 14th and the following weekend, June 19-20, is New York State’s Path Through History weekend.”

Putnam County Day is an annual event that typically includes a ceremony, historic presentations, and awards for outstanding people, projects and publications that enrich and record Putnam County’s history.  Cassidy hopes that everyone can gather next year at the Historic Courthouse to celebrate the 210th birthday of the County.

About the founding of Putnam County: Following the Revolutionary War, most of the Loyalist Philipses’ land was confiscated and sold by Commissioners of Forfeitures primarily to those Philipse tenants who had backed the winning side. The flight of the Philipses and other Tory families created opportunities for New Englanders and others looking for vacant land, creating an influx of immigrants to the County. By 1812, the increased population of southern Dutchess County as well as the inconvenient distance to the county seat in Poughkeepsie caused the State Legislature to create the new County of Putnam, which would have its own Board of Supervisors, courthouse and jail.

About The Historian’s Office: The Historian’s Office preserves, interprets, and promotes the history of Putnam County as a local government office.  According to New York State criteria, the work of the Historian’s Office includes: research and writing, teaching and public presentations, historic preservation, and organization, advocacy and tourism promotion. To support these efforts, the Putnam County Historian’s Office has been collecting historical records, maps, books, photographs, and periodicals since 1953.  In 1992, the Putnam County Archives was established in the Historian’s Office to preserve, arrange, describe, and make accessible the governmental records of Putnam County.  The Archives and Historian’s Collection are used as a resource for people in Putnam County and elsewhere.  Finding aids are available at

For more information contact the Putnam County Historians Office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 845.808.1420.


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Welcome to the Putnam County Historian’s Office and Archives! We are located in Brewster, New York, in the lower Hudson River Valley region.

Our local government office preserves, interprets, and promotes the history of Putnam County. New York’s Town and Village Historians have been serving public history since 1919, in part to document World War I Veterans back into civilian life. 

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