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Putnam County Clerk’s Office Offers “Fraud Alert” Protection Service

Putnam County Clerk’s Office Offers “Fraud Alert” Protection Service

The Putnam County Clerk’s Office is happy to offer a new tool to help property owners
protect one of their most valuable assets.

With “Fraud Alert”, you can sign up to receive alerts whenever a document, such as a
deed or mortgage, is recorded under your name. Documents can be viewed online or
at the Clerk’s Office.

“We are happy to provide this free service to our constituents so that they are informed of any recordings or filing that may be made regarding their name in our office”, said County Clerk Michael Bartolotti.

You can sign up for “Fraud Alert” now by visiting the Putnam County Clerk’s website at

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The County Clerk is the County Registrar and Clerk of the Supreme and County Courts, in addition to other responsibilities.

Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. Summer hours (mid-June through mid-September) are 8am to 4pm. His office is where you will find: maps, papers in actions and special proceedings of both civil and criminal courts, judgment and lien dockets, and other books and documents related to these matters.)

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