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The Putnam County Department of Health is made of several divisions all working towards improving and protecting the health of the community. Click on one of the options below to learn more about that division.

It’s National Nutrition Month!

18 March 2024

What might you do to improve your nutrition? Josephine Quiocho, the SNAP-Ed nutrition educator from Cornell Cooperative Extension recently talked to Putnam County employees about some simple steps they could take to eat smart and improve their health. And you can too…

It is not so much about eliminating foods, but adding ones that are necessary for good health. Concentrate on vegetables and fruits. Most Americans don’t get enough. Aim for a variety of five or more servings a day. Fresh is best, but when selecting canned vegetables, opt for low sodium or no salt added.

Grains, protein, and dairy are important too. For more info on creating a well-balanced meal, visit:

MyPlate…easy to understand, easy to use

Nutritional advice is as old as the hills, as they say. In fact, the first dietary guidelines were published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture back two centuries—in 1894—before specific vitamins and minerals were even discovered.

Today, the old and familiar food pyramid has long been replaced by MyPlate, which was announced back in 2005 by the USDA.

It provides a simpler and easier to understand image of what a healthy meal looks like.

Don’t Count Calories—Count Deliciousness!

Who says eating healthy must be boring or tasteless? Check out the recipe for white bean bruschetta, and many more delicious options at You can even set up a free account to save recipes and create cookbooks! is another site with seasonal recipes and both traditional and exotic cuisines. Another valuable feature found under “Topics” is about nutrition at eight different life stages from pregnancy and breastfeeding to adults and seniors. And last, but not least, let’s not forget…the Meatless Monday Campaign, which kicked off a whole series of “Monday Campaigns” for lifestyle changes. For more information, visit:

U.S. News Reports Ranks Diets for Family Friendliness, Ease of Use and More!

If you’re looking for a treasure trove of delicious recipes to whip up, you can’t go wrong with the Mediterranean Diet.

For the seventh consecutive year this dietary plan has won the number-one spot on the US News and World Reports’ diet rankings. And it is with good reason: it is as much a lifestyle as it is a diet prescription.

Not only does it rank #1 in best Overall diet, but it also claims the number-one spots in six other categories, including Easiest-To-Follow diets, Family-Friendly diets, Heart-Healthy diets, along with the best diets for Diabetes, Bone and Joint health, and Healthy Eating. It also ranked #2 in Plant-Based diets!

How can you go wrong with those credentials from one of the world’s leading authorities in health rankings and consumer advice.

For more information about the Mediterranean diet, visit:

To see all the diet rankings in 11 categories, visit:




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