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The Putnam County Department of Health is made of several divisions all working towards improving and protecting the health of the community. Click on one of the options below to learn more about that division.

What is Brain Health?

20 March 2024

Brain health is an important contributor to an individual's overall health. Brain health includes cognitive, motor, emotional, and tactile functions. Cognitive health is important as it allows an individual to perform everyday activities, such as the ability to think, learn and remember. Cognitive function is one of the aspects of brain health that is more likely to be impacted as someone ages. For example, a person may begin to have difficulty with tasks such as planning, organizing, remembering, decision making, and more. Incorporating proven brain health activities into your lifestyle will help maintain your overall health—now and as you age:  

7 Ways to Keep a Healthy Brain  

  • Exercise Regularly  
  • Stay Mentally Active  
  • Remain Socially Involved  
  • Get Enough Sleep  
  • Limit the Use of Drugs or Alcohol  
  • Maintain a Healthy Blood Pressure Level  
  • Eat a Healthy Diet  

The Putnam County Department of Health is currently helping increase awareness of the importance of brain health, by offering interactive educational workshops to students at Putnam Valley Middle School. This workshop was developed to teach students about the brains ability to change and grow throughout their life, also known as Neuroplasticity. The brain typically finishes developing around the age of 25 making it crucial that individuals form strong neural pathways before this time. Fortunately, with the right tools and repetition of thoughts or emotions, teens and young adults can take charge of their developing brain by steering thinking in positive and productive directions forming strong neural pathways.  

Older adults in Putnam can find opportunities for many healthy brain activities at one of the four Friendship Centers across the County. These centers provide a place for seniors to connect with peers, while staying mentally active through a variety of activities such as group wellness and exercise classes, arts and crafts and games. The Friendship Centers also help seniors maintain a healthy diet, not only by offering hot nutritious meals but also by providing nutrition education and counseling. Areas of physical health are also addressed at these centers through blood pressure reading, health counseling and talks about local physicians and pharmacies. You can find these centers in Carmel, Cold Spring, Mahopac and Putnam Valley. For more information about the Putnam County Friendship Centers, visit their website at or call 845-808-1700. 

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