No EI or Pre-K busses for Friday

  • No EI or Pre-K busses for Friday
    No public bus service until at least 10:00 AM. Check back for exact start time.

Putnam County PART bus service will resume all fixed route services at 12:00 Noon Friday January 3, 2014

Putnam County will resume normal PART Bus service beginning at 12:00 Noon Friday January 3, 2014.

Para-Transit will resume normal service at 12:00 Noon Friday, January 3, 2014.

  • Please continue to check the County website or WHUD for updates to the January 3, 2014 schedule, or call Putnam County Transit Dispatch at (845) 878-7433. Thank you for your patience and stay and stay indoors and warm where possible.

Putnam County Nutrition Sites Will be Closed on Friday January 3rd as well as the Adult Daycare.

  • We are closing the Putnam County Nutrition Sites on Friday January 3rd as well as the AdultDaycare. We have notified WHUD.
    No homebound meal deliveries Friday, Blizzard Bags were distributed on Thursday.
    We also cancelled the Medical Transportation and notified those individual.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Veterans Residence Has Five Openings

MaryEllen Odell
Putnam County Executive
(845) 808-1001

December 18, 2013

Veterans Residence Has Five Openings

Honorably discharged veterans, male or female, in good health who have resided in Putnam County for more than a year, are eligible to apply for residency at the Senator Vincent Leibell Putnam County Veterans Residence. The Veterans home, which was opened in 1998, is an independent living facility and applicants must be ambulatory in order to qualify.

“At this time, there are five openings at the Veterans home,” said Putnam County Director of Veterans Service Agency Karl Rohde.

Located on Drew Lane off Drewville Road in Carmel, the residence can house up to 12 veterans. The comfortable house offers 12 single occupancy rooms as well as two shared living rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms. Food, electricity, and cable television are provided at no cost to the residents.

“This is a wonderful home for our veterans to enjoy,” said County Executive MaryEllen Odell. “It’s close to downtown Carmel and within easy access to Brewster. It also offers the best natural surroundings that make Putnam so unique.”

Putnam County veterans interested in applying for a room can obtain an application at the Office of the Putnam County Executive, 40 Gleneida Avenue, Carmel, NY. Office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday through Friday. For further information, call (845) 808-1001.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Residents Saved $600,000+ with Prescription Discount Card

MaryEllen Odell
Putnam County Executive
(845) 808-1001

December 18, 2013

Residents Saved $600,000+ with Prescription Discount Card

Joining the ProAct Prescription Discount Card Program in February of 2013 has proved to be a pennywise proposition for Putnam County residents. This week, County Executive MaryEllen Odell announced that since Putnam joined the Pro-Act Prescription Discount program, residents have had more than 10,000 prescriptions filled and have saved over $600,000.

“Activating this program has proven to be a financial success story for many of our residents,” said Odell. “This program helps not only those who are uninsured, but those who are under-insured which is all too common these days. With the rising costs of health insurance, many individuals and families are choosing catastrophic policies to save dollars in premiums and have to pay full price for prescriptions which can cost our constituents hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year. I strongly urge every resident, regardless of their health care coverage, to keep a card on-hand to ensure they will not have to pay full cash price for a prescription.”

In working closely with ProAct, Putnam has, since 2012, been able to provide residents, regardless of age, income or existing health care coverage, access to affordable prescriptions.  All residents are eligible to utilize the program. Although the discount card cannot be used in conjunction with any form of insurance to discount co-pays or deductibles, every prescription is eligible for a discount, including some pet medications.

All a resident has to do is present the discount card at a local pharmacy when having a prescription filled.  Residents typically see savings ranging from 10 to 20 percent on name brand medications and 20 to 70 percent on generic medications.

To ensure the discount card is accepted at a local pharmacy, or to compare prices of certain medications, residents may visit or contact the ProAct Help Desk at 1-877-776-2285.   

This Prescription Discount Card Program does not require applications or enrollment fees to participate.  The program is completely free to taxpayers, the county and to participating residents.  If a resident has lost their card or if they need an additional one, extras are available at the Department of Social Services, the County Health Department and County Office Building or at any participating pharmacy in Putnam. Residents with access to the Internet, can obtain a discount card by visiting,

County Exec MaryEllen Odell Supports Employee Wellness For All: Putnam Community Health Improvement Plan Involves Businesses in Employee Health

Brewster, NY— Workplace wellness increases employee productivity, reduces absenteeism and streamlines health care costs and Putnam County’s recently completed Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) takes advantage of these well-researched benefits. Submitted to the NYS DOH last week, the CHIP has the broad support of the County Executive’s Office, working with the Putnam County Department of Health (PCDOH). One of the major goals of this plan is to involve the business community in promoting wellness strategies among Putnam workers.

“Employee health promotion is an excellent investment to make,” says Allen Beals, MD, Commissioner of Health. “It helps Putnam County keep health care costs in line, and it can help other businesses do the same. Workers spend a significant amount of their waking hours at work,” Dr. Beals continues. “Involving the business community is a logical and effective way to improve health. Our community partners, together with the strong support of our County Executive MaryEllen Odell, have taken the steps to incorporate this into our county’s health improvement

County Executive Odell has also been a proponent of the County’s own employee wellness program from the start. She participates in the programs herself, getting her annual flu shot and having her blood tested for various health risk factors. Blood screening usually involves a simple overnight fast, followed by a blood draw to measure cholesterol and other blood lipids, as well as sugar levels. These tests can provide information on risk of cardiovascular disease, pre-diabetes and diabetes, as well as other problems. Knowing one’s risk factors can help individuals take further
steps, if necessary, to prevent or halt more serious consequences.

The Health Department’s mission is to improve and protect the health of the Putnam County community, composed of nearly 100,000 residents. The Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is required by the NYS DOH and outlines plans, goals and objectives that the PCDOH and its community health partners will work toward. The plan is available online at For more information on how the PCDOH can help business organizations launch an employee wellness program, please call 845-808-1390, Ext. 43258, or email For general Health Department information, visit our website at; or visit our social media sites on Facebook at and Twitter @PutnamHealthNY.



Brewster, NY – Sunday, December 1, is World AIDS Day, a day set aside to increase awareness of the magnitude of the HIV/AIDS epidemic around the world. To commemorate this international observance, the Putnam County department of Health is offering special hours on Tuesday, December 3, from 12 to 5 p.m., for free, rapid HIV testing and counseling at 121 Main Street, in Brewster, NY. Free testing for STDs and Hepatitis C will be available at the same time. HIV and Hep C results take just 20 minutes. A raffle will be held and light refreshments will be served. No appointment is necessary.

Although new technologies have been developed in the fight against AIDS, such as a rapid HIV test, and new treatments have slowed the progression of HIV to AIDS, the disease remains a major health threat both in the U.S. and worldwide. People with the infection are living longer, healthier, more productive lives, but there is still no vaccine or cure.

“Early diagnosis and prompt, appropriate treatment can make the difference in quality and length of life,” said Allen Beals, M.D., Commissioner of Health, “and it is also the key to protecting others from becoming infected.”

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention in Atlanta estimates that one in five infected people do not know they are HIV positive. Chances are they have never been tested because they do not believe they are at risk. Prevention efforts have helped keep the rates of new infections stable in recent years, but the opportunity for infection increases as more people live with the disease. For more information about HIV, STD, or Hepatitis C testing, or disease education and prevention, contact the Health Department at (845) 808-1390.

The mission of the Putnam County Department of Health is to improve and protect the health of our community, made up of nearly 100,000 residents. Core services include community health assessment, disease surveillance and control, environmental health protection, family health promotion and health education. For more information, please visit our website at or visit our social media sites on Facebook at and Twitter @PutnamHealth.

CAC implements new workshop to prevent child sex abuse

On Friday, November 15, the Child Advocacy Center conducted their pilot for a new workshop, “Protecting Our Children:  Lessons Learned from Sex Offenders” to over 50 professionals and stakeholders in the community. Team presenters were CAC Program Coordinator Marla Behler, Assistant District Attorney Danielle Pascale and Detective Gerald Locasio from Kent Police Department. The workshop is tailored for parents, caregivers, and child care professionals to educate them about sex offender’s tactics and the grooming techniques used to entrap children. The CAC’s goal is to roll this out to the community targeting as many people as possible by presenting this workshop at local agencies and organizations, service clubs, schools, daycares, camps, etc. and can either be open to the public or done as a private staff training. 

If interested in scheduling a workshop, please contact the CAC at:  845-808-1400.

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Brewster, NY— Dozens of Putnam County Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) volunteers from all walks of life—including nurses, carpenters, lawyers, doctors and retired married couples—were in attendance for the Annual Dinner Meeting held on November 7 at the Putnam County Golf Course in Mahopac.

The dinner, organized by the Putnam County Department of Health, is held each year to thank these loyal neighbors and celebrate the work they do in support of Putnam County’s existing emergency response infrastructure. This year’s event provided an opportunity for Allen Beals, MD, Commissioner of Health, to personally recognize the volunteers for their efforts.

“Your dedication to the health and welfare of the County’s residents is invaluable, “Dr. Beals said, “not only during emergency situations such as we had last year during Hurricane Sandy, but also in our preparatory drills and activities.” Dr. Beals credited the outstanding efforts of his staff and the contribution of the MRC for his ability to expand services to the Putnam community and at the same time decrease his budget two years in a row.

Dr. Beals highlighted some of the recently expanded activities of the health department, such as new Hepatitis C testing; onsite flu immunization clinics in all Putnam County school districts; HIV and STD testing; availability of low-cost radon testing kits; expanded rabies control, with the success of the Feral Cat Task Force; heightened emergency preparedness following the crank radio and movie night event; progress toward national accreditation; greater engineering services for our homeowners due to the improved housing market this past year; intensified outreach by maternal child nurses supporting every pregnant woman in the county, and the launch of his Commissioner’s Column in the local newspaper dispensing useful medical information.

Volunteers, both non-medical and medical, continue to be needed for Putnam County’s MRC. Interpreters, amateur radio operators, mental health professionals, chaplains, pharmacists, infectious disease specialists, dentists and veterinarians are just some examples of welcomed personnel. Interested residents can find out more information by visiting the Putnam County website or calling Keiren Farquhar, the MRC coordinator at 845-808-1390, x43136.

The Health Department’s mission is to improve and protect the health of the Putnam County community, composed of nearly 100,000 residents. Core services include community health assessment, disease surveillance and control, environmental health protection, family health promotion and health education. For more information, please visit our website at; or visit our social media sites on Facebook at and Twitter @PutnamHealthNY.

Happy Veterans Day from Putnam County


The Row of Honor graces Carmel, New York by lining the shore of Lake Gleneida and Route 52 with 100 American Flags. These flags are flown twice a year with your loved ones names attached on Memorial Day & Veterans Day. This historic observance has drawn national attention to Putnam County.