Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

A natural disaster can happen at any time. Some disasters give warning like a storm preceding a flood.  Others, like earthquakes give no warning.  Once a disaster happens, the time to prepare is gone and all you can do is cope.  Take the next few minutes to examine what you can do to prepare.  Anything you do today will be like making a deposit in your survivability savings account for withdrawal in tough times.

The website below will help you prepare in the event of an emergency.

Be Informed & Make a Plan

Would you know what to do if a natural disaster hit your town? Would you have the right survival tools to help you through it? Does your family have an action plan? What if your home has a fire? Do you have a planned escape route? If not, click on the website below and get started! You can never be too prepared for disaster. Help the ones you love and prepare yourself today!

Are you Prepared?

In a major disaster, it might be several days before vital services are restored. This website is a great reference for information regarding different disasters you may encounter in a life time. One would hope these disasters never occur, but you can never be so sure. Click on the link below to see how you can prevent yourself from injury and always be prepared in the case of a terrible event.