The Office for Senior Resources has hired Michael Lambe in the position of Wellness Coordinator/OSR Nurse.   Michael recently retired as a Registered Nurse from Westchester Medical Center after working there for 22 years.  Looking to continue using his experience after retiring, he came to OSR to work  with the seniors helping to keep them healthy and active.  Michael’s office is at our Carmel location, but he  makes sure to visit all four OSR Friendship Centers as much as possible.   You can find Michael holding sessions on a variety of topics regarding healthy living, doing blood pressure screenings, and even participating in a friendly game or two of bean bag toss!  If you would like to speak to Michael, he is available Mondays through Thursdays between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The Office for Senior Resources Annual Holiday Parties are a hit!

The Office for Senior Resources Annual Holiday Parties are a hit!  There were parties held on Monday and Tuesday and the last one is being held today.  There is plenty of good food and lots of entertainment with many people dancing.  Even Santa Claus was in attendance spreading good cheer!  Our County Executive, MaryEllen Odell, along with several elected officials, are there to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season.

Office of Senior Resources Annual Holiday Party is Coming in December!

Please join us for our annual HOLIDAY  PARTY to be held at the Putnam County Golf Course.  Our Mahopac Friendship Center will attend on Monday, December 5th.  Our Putnam Valley and Cold Spring Friendship Centers will attend on Tuesday, December 6th.  Our Carmel Friendship Center will attend on Wednesday, December 7th.  Doors open at 10:00 a.m. and lunch will be served at 12:00 p.m.  Tickets are now available by contacting your Site Manager:  Mahopac, contact Tee Vozzella at 845-808-1738; Putnam Valley, contact Lorraine Ciallela at 845-808-1730; Cold Spring, contact Rhonda Haussmann at 845-265-3952; Carmel, contact Deirdre Ronca at 845-808-1701.  Transportation reservations are due by November 23rd and must be made by contacting the Site Managers.  United for the Troops will be on hand to take donations of toiletries and non-perishable food items that will be sent to our overseas troops for the holidays.  There will be great entertainment, good food, a raffle and lots of fun.  We hope to see you there!!


The Halloween Jamboree was a HIT with the seniors

Yet, another exciting event for our seniors at the Putnam County Golf Course. The Halloween Jamboree. Seniors as they entered in their festive costumes enjoyed Music, Dance, a bit of Taichi, and amazing cuisine. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at our pictures! Stay tuned for our next party the Office of Senior Resources Holiday Luncheon.

MEDICARE  OPEN  ENROLLMENT  IS  HERE – October 15 – December 7, 2016


This is the time of year that all people with Medicare can make changes to their health and prescription drug plans with new coverage to begin January, 2017.

Medicare Advantage Disenrollment – January 1, 2017 through February 14, 2017:  if you are in a Medicare Advantage Plan, you can leave your plan and switch to Original Medicare.  If you switch to Original Medicare during this time, you will have until February 14, 2017 to join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (regardless of whether you had previous coverage).

“Special Enrollment Periods” (SEP):  You can make changes to your Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug coverage when certain events happen in your life.  These changes are called “Special Enrollment Periods”.

2017 Medicare Insurance Plan Information Packetswill be mailed out the first week of October.  The packets include:    2017 Medicare Advantage Plan information, NYS Medigap/Supplement Plan information, 2017 Medicare Part D Plan information, tip sheets, income eligibility for EPIC, Social Security extra help and the Medicare Savings Program.  For health insurance information and counseling & assistance, contact Lynn Hill, OSR HIICAP Coordinator at 845-808-1700 ext. 47115 to have a packet mailed to you or to schedule an appointment.  Or for more information, call 1-800-MEDICARE.               hiicap-2017 – flyer

Senator Murphy Announces Securing $550,000 Grant for Renovations to OSR Friendship Center

Senator Murphy Announces Securing $550,000 Grant for Renovations to OSR Friendship Center

On October 27, 2016, Senator Terrence Murphy came to the Carmel Friendship Center to  announce that he has secured a $550,000 grant to renovate the center.  County Executive MaryEllen Odell along with OSR Director Patricia Sheehy, Legislator Carl Albano,  Undersheriff Peter Convery, Judge James Reitz and Carmel Supervisor Kenneth Schmidt were in attendance to accept the honorary check.

The below press release was posted on Senator Murphy’s website:


“The renovations will increase the Center’s square footage and give it a more modern look, which will inspire more seniors to engage in the programs and services the Center has to offer,” said Senator Murphy. “Common sense is not so common in Albany. We have to continue to work together to keep our seniors in New York, whether this means lowering taxes or getting the funding to renovate the Friendship Center.”

The renovations will transform the Center into a state-of-the-art, energy efficient facility with a room for information and technology, as well as an area to expand the Center’s senior programs.

“Approximately one in four of Putnam’s residents are over the age of 60,” said Putnam County Executive Odell. “Our seniors are a vital foundation in our county. We depend on them for their wisdom, experience, and volunteerism, which consistently fills gaps in our community — and within our families. We owe it to our seniors to modernize the Friendship Center to make it a better place for them to socialize, stay connected and keep healthy.”

Carmel Town Supervisor Kenneth Schmitt added, “The Center is a good place for seniors to meet new friends, get involved in exercising and to have a good meal. It is time the Center was renovated, and I want to thank Senator Murphy for getting the funds to make this project a reality.”

“Our seniors are very important to us,” said Putnam County Legislator Carl Albano. “Senator Murphy has done a lot in Albany to pass legislation to help seniors throughout the state. I am looking forward seeing to the long-anticipated improvements to the Center.”

Improvements to the Carmel Friendship Center will include:

Additional space dedicated for use by seniors,

  • An improved and expanded exercise area,
  • An improved and expanded arts and crafts room,
  • New interview and counseling rooms,
  • Expanded nutrition counseling rooms,
  • Improved pantry and lunch areas,
  • And improved access to the building for the handicapped.

Looking around the room at the seniors applauding the news of the Center’s refurbishment, the Hon. James Reitz, Putnam County Court Judge commented, “There are many important people her today that deserve thanks, especially the people we serve. You have a real friend in Senator Murphy, who listened to your needs and responded. The work he is doing on behalf of seniors and his efforts to solve the heroin problem are commendable.”

“The Seniors from Patterson, Southeast, Carmel and Kent who frequent the Friendship Center in Carmel along with the team at the Office for Senior Resources are very grateful for the efforts that Senator Murphy has extended to bring this grant to fruition,” said Patricia Sheehy, Director of the Putnam County Office for Senior Resources, “The funds will allow us to carry out the much needed renovations transforming our over crowed 1960’s Nutrition Center into a twenty-first century facility that will be a warm and welcoming center where our seniors can get together!”

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) Opens November 14, 2017

HEAP  Opens November 14, 2017

The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)will open on November 14th.  You may be eligible for a HEAP benefit if your income meets monthly income guidelines.  You may contact Marlene Hanley, HEAP Coordinator, at 845-808-1700 ext. 47121 for more information or to make an appointment.  Beginning November 14th, new clients may pick up an application at the Office for Senior Resources Carmel location at 110 Old Route 6, Building #1 or go on-line at http://www.myBenefits.ny.gov

The Sewing Group that meets at the Putnam Valley Friendship Center wanted to find a new idea to do something to give back to the community and they did!

The Sewing Group that meets at the Putnam Valley Friendship Center wanted to find a new idea to do something to give back to the community.  Since all of the seniors love their pets, an idea came into play.  In the past, this group has made many pillows which were given out during the holidays to our homebound seniors.  Making these pillows gave the Putnam Valley Sewing Group so much joy.  The group is aware of the needs of the Putnam County Humane Society and thought they could give joy to some of the animals housed at the Humane Society and thought that making dog toys would fit the bill.   What they are doing is taking old T-shirts,  cutting them into strips and then braiding the strips into dog toys.  The group has been asking for donations of the T-shirts from the seniors who attend the Friendship Center and families.  As you can see in the picture, they are having a great time doing this together and hope to be able to donate our toys for the Holiday Season.

Office of Senior Resources Summer Soiree Pictures!

A great time was had at our latest event. The Office of Senior Resources Summer Soiree Senior Luncheon.

It was a good time for all. Good food, laughs and music!


“Our Boots Are Made For Walking” at the Office for Senior Resource’s New Senior Walking Club

“Our Boots Are Made For Walking” at the Office for Senior Resource’s New Senior Walking Club

The seniors at the Putnam County Friendship Centers enjoy various daily activities such as bingo, cards, exercise classes and socializing with each other.  This is something that the summer interns working at the Office for Senior Resources are learning.  As part of the County Executive’s P.I.L.O.T. program, the Office for Senior Resources were assigned four interns.  One of the interns, Elizabeth Stasiak, was speaking with a group of senior at the Carmel Friendship Center, and she asked the question, “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?”  One senior simply answered, “Outside.”  Elizabeth began thinking about what she could do and came up with the idea of starting a walking club.  After conferring with her advisor, Elizabeth created the “Senior Walking Club” and it has been so well received, that the interns at the Mahopac and Putnam Valley Friendship Centers have expanded the club to include the seniors at those centers.  Elizabeth, along with Carmel’s other intern, Meredith Jennings, enjoys getting the seniors outside and walking.

Something as simple as a daily walk can help you live a healthier life because it is beneficial for both the mind and the body.  Weather permitting, the Walking Clubs meet every morning that the centers are open.  The group members go out and walk, at their own pace, for approximately twenty minutes.  They enjoy soaking in the sun, embracing the nice weather and chatting with one another while they walk.  Not even walkers and canes can hold them back.

Rosemary Homyak from Carmel said, “I enjoy it!  My doctor wants me to walk five days a week.  I’m not really a walker, but I actually look forward to coming here and walking!”  Another senior from the Carmel Center, Margaret Shultz, said, “I like walking in general.  I like everybody going out together and I usually do two laps.  I always look forward to it.”

Marie Broughton, who attends the Mahopac Center, enjoys going out every morning with the club. She states, “Walking is very good for you and is a great form of exercise. I look forward to walking because I know I am not alone and there is always a group of us out there.”  Marie completes a half a mile of walking every morning, with her walker! She is always one of the first ones to ask if we are going out and really shows us that no obstacle is too much for her to handle.

Another senior at the Mahopac Center, Felicia Gruber, states that “Walking gets my heart pumping. I use to walk 5 miles with my husband every day; this is a great activity to keep me active and walking again.”  Felicia walks about a mile every time the group goes outside.

The Walking Club at the Putnam Valley Friendship Center has been very successful too. The feedback received has been very positive. Participant Lilly Diaz says, “The program very enjoyable and therapeutic.”  Miriam Mandell says that the program is “good exercise, good moods and good feelings.” She also feels the program gives her “a boost of energy I have not had before.” Another senior says “I love the program and the support I receive from my family for exercising daily, and I’m keeping healthy and young at heart”.

At the start, a majority of the seniors only walked a lap or two every morning.  Now, they are all adding more and more laps each day.  The seniors are excited about this new, positive adventure at the Friendship Centers!  The walking, talking and laughing will continue all summer long.