Golf season has arrived!

Putnam County Golf Course would like to welcome you to the 2019 Golf Season and is excited to pass along exciting and important news to our loyal customers.
On April 1, 2019, Putnam County Golf Course will unveil an entirely new fleet of Club Car Golf Carts featuring industry leading technology- The Visage GPS Screens
The GPS systems offer yardage, course information as well as monitor pace of play which is relayed to a “home computer” so staff can continuously manage your experience.
In addition, all carts will be equipped with USB charging ports to keep you connected while enjoying your time on the golf course.

Also, we are proud to introduce your New Head Golf Professional, Jari Tompuri. Jari returns back “home” to Putnam County with 15 years of Golf experience and looks forward to a future at Putnam County GC.  See Jari’s bio below:

Jari K. Tompuri

Jari, a native of Finland, immigrated to the United States when he was 4 years old, living in Bronx, NY for 6 years before settling in Carmel New York. Jari attended George Fisher Middle School and Carmel High School where his passion for golf began as a member of the Carmel High Rams golf team. After earning a Business Degree from State University of New York College at Oswego, Jari managed and owned the Carmel Beverage Center.

Upon moving to Texas, Jari enrolled in the Professional Golfers’ Association Apprentice program and began his journey toward becoming a PGA Professional. Jari took his first Head Professional position at River Crossing Club in San Antonio, Texas, followed by the Diamante Country Club in Arkansas.
Jari is passionate about teaching the game of golf and helping players of all ages achieve their maximum potential.
Jari is married to his wife, Crystal, and has two daughters, Gracie and Haley.

Putnam County Courthouse Goes Blue for Child Abuse Prevention Month

Brewster, NY – March 22, 2019 – In recognition of April as Child Abuse Prevention Month the Putnam County Courthouse will be lit with blue light, one of several initiatives designed to raise awareness that child abuse is preventable, said County Executive MaryEllen Odell.

“All kids deserves a great childhood that’s carefree and full of promise,” said Odell.  “Putnam County values its children and when people see the light we hope it will remind them that together as a community we can stop child abuse.”

In addition to the courthouse, the Child Advocacy Center and Prevent Child Abuse New York’s “Pinwheels for Prevention” campaign are also using pinwheels to raise awareness. “Pinwheels are meant to convey that every child deserves the chance to be raised in a healthy, safe and nurturing environment,” said CAC Program Coordinator Marla Behler.

The pinwheel garden is located in front of the Sibyl Ludington Statue at Lake Gleneida on Route 6 in Carmel, across from St. James Church.

On April 3rd, Foster Parents Dale and Dolores Bettcher, who opened their home to more than 60 children, will be recognized at the third annual Champions for Children Breakfast sponsored by the Friends of Putnam CAC, Inc. and the Child Advocacy Center of Putnam County.

The breakfast gathering at the Putnam National Golf Club in Mahopac Falls will feature as its guest speaker Mark Yarbrough, whose story of burnout became the basis for his presentation, “Give ‘em the F.I.N.G.E.R!” He addresses the struggle of burnout offering powerful, practical and hilarious insights to help people understand and re-engage in their lives. The breakfast takes place from 8-10 am. Admission is $25, $30 at the door. Tickets and additional information are available at  or by calling 808-1400.

“The CAC has long advocated that education is imperative to preventing child abuse and continues to partner with local agencies to implement innovative programs to ensure the physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing of the children of Putnam County,” said Behler. “As more awareness and education programs become available, it is clear that people understand the importance of early and comprehensive prevention of abuse, not just responding to it after it occurs.”

Among the tips provided by Prevent Child Abuse New York are acknowledging that parenting is a tough job. Reassure a parent coping with a difficult situation in public. Help amuse a restless child. For your own kids, be patient and really listen when they speak to you, and make it a priority to spend time with them, undistracted by work and the other demands on your time.

For more information on child abuse prevention programs call the Child Advocacy Center of Putnam County at (845) 808-1400.

Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell Recognizes the Greater New York Region of the American Red Cross And Recognizes Red Cross Month

Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell met with representatives from the Greater New York Region of the American Red Cross recently and recognized their valuable service. Mary Young, CEO of the Metro New York Chapter, Abilgail Adams, Regional Communications Program Manager, Greg Amato, Volunteer Leader, and Elizabeth Carson-Tompkins, Disaster Action Team Supervisor, were all in attendance for the meeting.

“The dedicated staff and volunteers of the American Red Cross provide much-needed help to our friends and neighbors when they need it most,” Odell said. “It is a pleasure to recognize their dedication not just during Red Cross Month, but year round.”

Odell presented the organization with an official Proclamation celebrating March as Red Cross Month and recognizing their valuable contributions.

The Red Cross Metro New York North Chapter, which serves Putnam County, assisted in nearly 200 local disasters in 2018. They installed 2,647 free smoke alarms and educated over 1,500 adults and children in emergency preparedness. In the Putnam County area, the Red Cross provided over 1,000 services to military members, veterans, and families in 2018. Over 9,000 units of blood were also collected by the Red Cross from generous blood donors.

Odell also reminds Putnam County residents that the need for blood is constant, and bloodmobiles are scheduled throughout the month. In addition, Red Cross Giving Day is March 27th.

All Putnam County Government Offices, with the exception of essential services will be opening on a 2 hr delay for Mon 3/4/19

After meeting with the ICS Team and evaluating the impact of the current winter storm, Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell has delayed the opening of all Putnam County Government Offices with the exception of essential services for 2 hours on Monday, March 4, 2019. Offices that normally open at 8:00 will open at 10:00 AM and offices that normally open at 9:00 AM will open at 11:00 AM.

“While some roads are passable it’s better to stay off the roads and let the Highway Departments continue to do their jobs”, said County Executive Odell. “We also need to let our Highway Department clear our parking lots and walkways, delaying by 2 hours gives them the time necessary”.

If you MUST travel this morning give yourself enough time and drive carefully.

Residents are reminded that to report a power outage or downed wires you should call your local utility company; NYSEG 800-572-1131. Central Hudson 845-452-2700 or use their apps.

Please call 9-1-1 if you need immediate police, fire or EMS response.

Putnam County Emergency Operations Center is currently monitoring a winter storm that will impact our area beginning at 4 – 6 PM this evening

The Putnam County Emergency Operations Center is monitoring a winter storm that is moving into our area starting around 4 – 6 PM this evening. Heaviest snowfall amounts are expected to be during the overnight hours. Accumulations are estimated between 4” – 8”. Temperatures are expected to remain at or above freezing which will cause the snow to be very wet and heavy. The above freezing temperatures may also cause the first few inches of snow to melt on contact with the ground. The snow is expected to end by 7 AM Monday morning. Winds will remain calm overnight increasing in intensity through the day Monday with wind gusts of up to 25 MPH during the late afternoon, decreasing after 6 PM.

“Late winter/early spring snow storms have the ability to dump large amounts of wet snow and this one is no exception” said Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell. “Our local first responders, as always, are prepared and our highway crews stand at the ready. We will continue to monitor the storm as it comes into our area and respond to any incidents that may occur”.

Residents are reminded to report any outages to their local utility company.  NYSEG can be contacted at 800-572-1131. Central Hudson Gas & Electric can be contacted at 845-452-2700. Both companies have an app available for download to track outages

A mix of snow, sleet and rain is expected in our area that will persist through the night. At this time we are not expecting any delays or cancelations. Employees should use caution when traveling.

Snow will continue shifting through over the next few hours, continuing through 8-10pm. Afterwards, a changeover to freezing rain is anticipated as temperatures slowly warm up through the overnight/early morning hours. It is expected that there will be a changeover back to rain/snow just before dawn. Conditions are then expected to dry out after dawn. An additional 0.5 – 1.5” of snow is anticipated through this evening, then up to 0.10” of ice accumulation is possible.

At this time we do not expect any delays or cancellations in the morning however employees should continue to monitor the situation for updates. Please drive safely as you head home this evening.

Due To the Storm All Putnam County Offices With the Exception of Essential Services Will be Closing at 12 Noon Today, Tuesday February 12, 2019

Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell met with her Executive ICS Team to discuss the current weather conditions. The forecast calls for steady snow throughout most of the day changing to sleet and ice as the evening approaches. These conditions will make travel dangerous as the day progresses. Due to these conditions, Putnam County with the exception of essential services, will be closing at 12 noon today, Tuesday February 12, 2019.

As you begin your journey home please travel safe.

Putnam County EOC Remains Open – Dangerous temperatures with wind chill expected

The Putnam County Emergency operations Center remains open with County Executive MaryEllen Odell continuing to oversee operations. “Our highway crews have been out all night plowing and sanding our roads but we’re seeing some issues with power” said County Executive Odell “With temperatures expected to quickly plummet today and winds picking up our first concern is the safety of our residents”.
Currently there is a reported outage in Garrison in the Route 9 area that Central Hudson has responded to. NYSEG is reporting minor outages with crews on standby.
Residents are reminded that to report a power outage or downed wires you should call your local utility company; NYSEG 800-572-1131. Central Hudson 845-452-2700 or use their apps.
Temperatures are expected to drop today reaching single digits and that along with increasing wind speeds will make it feel like it is well below zero. This is dangerous for humans as well as pets. Temperatures are expected to remain in the single digits for Monday. Residents are asked to check on those who may need extra help during this weather and to minimize cold exposure to pets. “Make this a weekend to enjoy time with family and friends indoors watching football, enjoying a movie or playing a game” said County Executive Odell.
Please remember to be safe when there are downed power lines. Wires that look dead may still be live and power could be restored at any time making those wires life threatening.
Stay out of flooded or damp basements or other areas if water is in contact with outlets, a furnace or any electrically operated appliance that is energized. The water or moisture may conduct electricity. Contact may cause serious or fatal injury.

Please call 9-1-1 if you need immediate police, fire or EMS response.

Utility Companies Ready

Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell along with Legislative Chairman Joseph Castellano and Protective Services Chair Paul Jonke reviewed the utilitiy companies response plan including additional crews on stand by. “We don’t know what the final outcome of this storm will be but Putnam County stands at the ready” said County Executive Odell while reviewing the additional utility company crews that have been placed on standby.

Winter Storm Harper to arrive in Putnam County Saturday evening lasting through Sunday delivering a combination of rain, sleet, snow and ice and freezing temperatures.

Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell met with her Executive ICS Team to discuss the possible impact of Winter Storm Harper. The forecast calls for light snow to begin Saturday, January 19, 2019 evening which will increase in intensity before possibly changing to sleet and rain as warm front passes through very early Sunday morning. This transition will be brief as a bitter cold front moves into position and the storm will continue to deliver heavy snow. Any accumulated rain will quickly turn to ice causing ice patches. We are also anticipating increasing wind speeds Saturday through Sunday with wind gusts up to 25 MPH. Total accumulations across our area could reach over 12”. Temperatures on Monday will remain in the single digits.

“Our Emergency Operations Center will be activated during this event so we can continue to coordinate activities from our highway crews, police, fire and EMS” said Putnam County Executive Odell. “This storm has the potential to make quite an impact to our area and we need to stay ahead of it”. And that includes the public who are reminded to make sure they have sufficient medications, water and non-perishable food items. It’s also a good time to check the remaining fuel for your oil burner or propane appliance ensuring that you can go at least one week with needing to refuel.

Odell also wants residents to check on those that may need extra help saying, “Now is the time to reach out and check on your friends, neighbors and elderly especially those that may need a little extra help. The weekend is a good time to stay home and enjoy time with your family or friends, stay off the roads unless essential to allow our highway crews to do their job”.

Putnam County Commissioner of Emergency Services Ken Clair provides some additional tips, “generators give off dangerous carbon monoxide fumes, always run generators outdoors, not in garages, making sure all generators are connected with an electrician installed transfer switch, test all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors making sure they are installed properly and in good working order”.

Residents are reminded to report any outages to their local utility company.  NYSEG can be contacted at 800-572-1131. Central Hudson Gas & Electric can be contacted at 845-452-2700. Both companies have an app available for download to track outages.

Central Hudson has already committed a local presence in our EOC during this storm.

Putnam County 9-1-1 is fully manned and the public is reminded that it should be used only for emergency requests for Police, Fire or EMS. Non-emergency calls should go directly to your local police, fire or EMS Corps. The Putnam County Sheriff’s Department can be reached at 845-225-4300.

At this time Putnam County Public Transportation (PART) anticipates no impact on Transit services on Saturday, January 19, 2018, as a result of the winter storm.  The PART system will operate if conditions permit on Monday, January 21.  For information with regards to impacts on public transportation and changes in schedule, please listen to 100.7 WHUD, check the Official County Website, or call Dispatch on Monday morning at 845-878-7433 (RIDE).