CAC implements new workshop to prevent child sex abuse

On Friday, November 15, the Child Advocacy Center conducted their pilot for a new workshop, “Protecting Our Children:  Lessons Learned from Sex Offenders” to over 50 professionals and stakeholders in the community. Team presenters were CAC Program Coordinator Marla Behler, Assistant District Attorney Danielle Pascale and Detective Gerald Locasio from Kent Police Department. The workshop is tailored for parents, caregivers, and child care professionals to educate them about sex offender’s tactics and the grooming techniques used to entrap children. The CAC’s goal is to roll this out to the community targeting as many people as possible by presenting this workshop at local agencies and organizations, service clubs, schools, daycares, camps, etc. and can either be open to the public or done as a private staff training. 

If interested in scheduling a workshop, please contact the CAC at:  845-808-1400.

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