Break down of positive cases by Towns in Putnam County

With the number of local cases of COVID-19 increasing daily, it is essential that county residents continue to stay at home, stay safe and practice social distancing, Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell said.

“We need to do our best to slow the spread of the outbreak, to flatten the curve, and protect our healthcare system from becoming overwhelmed,” Odell said. “I really want to commend all of our residents for taking these orders as seriously as they have. The public response countywide has been fantastic.”

As of Friday morning, March 27, Putnam County had 106 positive COVID-19 cases. Every town in the county has positive cases. This is the breakdown of positive cases by town:

  • Carmel                  56
  • Kent                      13
  • Patterson             6
  • Phillipstown         6
  • Putnam Valley     8
  • Southeast            17

We are working hard at trying to get a state-run testing site in Putnam County, so that we can have the most accurate and complete information on the outbreak as quickly as possible.