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Filled with exciting destinations, adventures, Great Eats, & Entertainment. From our amazing hiking trails & county parks, to Boscobel & Tilly foster farm. Putnam County is just an hour ride away from New York City. Family Fun Begins in Putnam. Check Back on September 3rd When we will introduce our New Director of Tourism.

Enjoy the country living with, animals, nature, music & food at Tilly Foster Farm

Tilly Foster Farm is alive and well! The Tilly Foster Farm Community Gardens, now in its second decade of operation, continues to produce award-winning organically grown flowers, vegetables and herbs. Part of the revitalization of the farm has been the return of small farm animals – some are quite exotic, like our unique chicken breeds, […]

Boscobel House  & Gardens for family fun and more!

Built between 1804 and 1808, Boscobel was originally the dream house of wealthy Loyalists. By the 1950s, after falling into disrepair, it was demolished. Preservationists saved as many architectural fragments as possible and reassembled them fifteen miles north, where the Neoclassical mansion was restored back to—and even beyond—its original grandeur. Boscobel was saved as a […]

Stand on top of the Hudson Valley in Putnam County while hiking the adventurous Breakneck Ridge

Breakneck Ridge is a mountain along the Hudson River between Beacon and Cold Spring, New York, straddling the boundary between Dutchess and Putnam counties. Its distinctive rocky cliffs are visible for a long distance when approached from the south, and together with Storm King Mountain on the opposite bank of the river forms Wey-Gat, or […]