Part Time-Assistant District Attorney/ Appellate Attorney Job Opening

Title:             Part Time-Assistant District Attorney/ Appellate Attorney

Office:           Putnam County District Attorney

Salary:           Commensurate with experience but not to exceed $58,000

Location:      Town of Carmel, Putnam County, New York

Job Information:

The Putnam County District Attorney’s Office is seeking a qualified, experienced candidate to join our office in the role of part time assistant district attorney.  Part time responsibilities will include being responsible for two local courts per month, and some appellate work. Applicants should expect to be in the office Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11am to 5pm but this schedule can be discussed.  Applicants should have a good knowledge of the NYS penal law, criminal procedural law, V&T law, Freedom of Information (F.O.I.L) Law and criminal appellate procedures.

Residency:   Must be a Putnam resident or live in an adjoining county, be licensed to practice law in the State of New York, and possess a certificate of good standing from the Appellate Division.

Benefits:      Medical benefits are not included.  NYS retirements benefits are optional.  Paid vacation, sick and holidays.

Contact:        Please send resume, writing sample, law school transcript, and at least two references to Christina Rizzo at