Artist Spotlight: Colabria!

Colabria is a duo of artists Mike Grandetti and Valentina Manuele. Their artwork both solo and collaborative pieces creates visual emotions of two lovers navigating life together as one battles mental illness. Their debut last year at the Studio Around the Corner was a big success, where they demonstrated their creativity together to the live music of Chrissy MacCullagh.

Mike Grandetti is from Carmel, NY. He has a degree in Commercial Arts and is a Graphic Designer for Excel Printing by day and a musician at night for The Chrissy MacCullagh Band. Mike is an abstract artist, always creating, thru his passion for music.

Valentina Manuele, also from Carmel, is a self taught artist, home health aide and mother. Valentina has been creating art since childhood. Her inspiration comes from her battles with mental illness over the past decade and how beauty can be found in the darkest of places.

Follow them at @colabria_art on instagram