Antique Farm Machinery, Vintage Vehicles at Tilly Foster Show

September 4, 2014


Antique Farm Machinery, Vintage Vehicles at Tilly Foster Show


Once again – and back by popular demand – the Putnam County Antique Machinery Association (PCAMA) will host their annual show on the grounds of Tilly Foster Farm in Brewster. The free exhibition of working and non-working machinery from yesteryear will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 13 and Sunday, Sept. 14.


In the past, the show has featured rows of vividly colored age–old tractors in bright hues of red, yellow and green plus a selection of fine antiques such as a 1920’s era McCormick Deering, an 1891 well-drilling machine, a Rider Ericcson Hot Air Engine from the late 1800’s. Horse plows, gas engines and a variety of fascinating early farm implements will also be available for viewing.  New to this year’s show will be the addition of antique cars and trucks.


Patterson resident and professional well driller Jeff Hyatt has managed the show and led the Putnam County Antique Machinery Association since its inception. An avid collector of antique machinery, Hyatt loves showing today’s tech-savvy youth what technology looked like in the previous century.


“We have a 25-foot tall water well drilling machine from 1891, antique tractors and hit and miss engines, a corn sheller and grinder that date from the 1890s,” he said.


According to Hyatt, PCAMA’s show is a learning experience for all ages.


“Folks of all ages enjoy seeing the equipment. Older folks can reminisce and youngsters are fascinated by seeing how things were done ‘back in the day,’” Hyatt said. “Children are very attracted to the hand water pumps, the corn sheller and the corn grinder. Each of these is a people powered machine.  Kids love to see an instant result from their work.  They also love sitting on the tractors and imagining they are driving out to the back forty.”


In addition to the tractors, cars and machinery, there will be live music to enjoy. Avalon Archives is sponsoring The Knox Sisters and Petey Hop. 


Attracting people to visit county-owned Tilly Foster Farm has been a project Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell and Deputy County Executive Bruce Walker started last July when thousands of people came to the farm over the July 4th holiday weekend to attend a Country Fair. Visitors have also returned to welcome the newest farm animals and have helped to give them names. To date, the farm is now home to a flock of 21 chickens of various breeds (most now boasting names) and a pair of KuneKune mini-piglets named Penelope and Ginger. Additional livestock is expected later this month.

“This show is wonderfully educational and the fun thing about it is that it relates directly to the history of the farm,” said Odell. “I think visitors to this show walk away with a whole new respect for farming in Putnam County’s early days when so much was done by hand or by horse or oxen pulled vehicles.”


Tilly Foster Farm is located at 100 Route 312 in Brewster, NY between Route 6 and Exit 19 on I-84.