All Non-Essential Putnam County Offices Will Be Closed Wednesday February 5, 2014


The National Weather Service has notified County Officials about the possible impact of a winter storm arriving late Tuesday night and lasting through Wednesday evening.  The National Weather Service anticipates that the storm will start out as snow then change to freezing rain then back to snow. 

The combination of snow and ice will make our roadways hazardous. In anticipation of these hazardous conditions, County Executive MaryEllen Odell has decided to close all non-essential County Offices for Wednesday February 5, 2014.  All offices will reopen as normal Thursday February 6, 2014. “Driving on snow covered roads is dangerous enough”, said County Executive Odell, “add in ice and it becomes treacherous”.

County Executive Odell reminds everyone to be prepared.  “Ice storms may bring about power losses, be prepared by having food, water, cash and medications on hand”.  Be sure you have fresh batteries for your radios and flashlights and be sure to charge your cell phone before the storm.  Remember if you use a generator it must be installed using a transfer switch that has been installed by a licensed electrician.  Generators produce deadly carbon monoxide, never run a generator indoors.  Exhaust fumes should be vented far from the structure.

Putnam County will be prepared to respond to this storm.  If you must travel, use extreme caution and travel prepared with survival tools such as a flashlight, food, water and blankets.  “The best help we can get is if we keep the roadways clear of non-essential traffic” said Fred Pena, Putnam County Commissioner of Highways & Facilities.