Tilly Foster Farm Conservation Area

tilly foster field

Location: 100 Route 312 Brewster, New York


It is said that Tilly Foster got its name from a nearby iron mine owned by Mr. Tillingham Foster back in the 19th century. His nickname was Tilly, and so the village surrounding the mine became Tilly Foster.

In 1943 Mr. E.E. Benedict purchased what had been a small dairy farm with 75 head of cattle from Mr. Rundell Bloomer.

After the acquisition of several other small farms in the immediate area Benedict Farms quickly grew to a large dairy operation with 375 head of cattle capable of producing over 500,000 quarts of milk per year. This milk was used by Borden Milk Company as well as the rest of the community.

The farm also raised chickens and hogs.

With the decline of dairy farming in New York State the Benedicts looked for a different source of income and found it in the breeding of racehorses.

Tilly Foster Farm actually was one of the leading thoroughbred farms in New York State. It has produced many champion horses like 1969’s Silent Scream and 1997 DelMar Derby winner Anet, to name a few. The farm had also been providing other breeders with knowledge and care as a breeding facility.

Putnam County purchased the land in 2002 using public money from New York City Watershed funds.

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Tilly Foster News

  • Public Contributes to Putnam’s Vision of Tilly Foster Farm
  • Tuesday, April 8th, 7pm.  Tilly Foster second presentation of the history of Tilly Foster- past, present and future.  Mahopac Library Land Use Room, 2nd Floor.  All are welcome!
  • Museum open every Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 4 or by Appointment during the week.  Call Ned Moran  845-225-9135.
  • Public Presentation to see the proposal pertaining to the usage of Tilly Foster Farm in Brewster at 6:30pm on Thursday, May 8th at the TOPS Building