250 Flags Frame Lake Gleneida in Honor of Veterans Day Row of Honor Raises Funds and Gives Thanks to our Military Vets

250 Flags Frame Lake Gleneida in Honor of Veterans Day

Row of Honor Raises Funds and Gives Thanks to our Military Vets

Completing its fourth year, the Row of Honor continues a Putnam County tradition of respect and gratitude for those who have served in the military this Veterans Day. The Row of Honor is an installation of American-made flags that border Gleneida Avenue on the shores of Lake Gleneida in the Hamlet of Carmel.

“Each Veteran’s Day, we assemble our Row of Honor to give residents the opportunity to publicly acknowledge and thank those who have served their country. This year, the funds raised will support the Putnam County Museum,” said Odell.

The Row of Honor project is a group venture of the Putnam County Joint Veterans Council, Putnam County Veterans Service Agency, the Putnam County Executive and the Legislature. While each branch of the American Armed Forces has been represented in the past, additional organizations have asked and received permission to have their flags added to the Row of Honor as well. The flags will remain on display through the 22nd of November.

“It is rare that Veterans have an opportunity to be recognized and thanked by the public and by elected officials,” said Karl Rohde, Director of Putnam County’s Veterans Service Agency. “The Row of Honor is a symbolic visual reminder to take pause and salute the invaluable sacrifice and bravery of our Veterans.”
Sponsorship of the American-made flags is meant to raise awareness and funds for various Veteran’s programs. County Executive Odell has sponsored flags in special remembrance of the late Veteran Joe Morrissey of Putnam Lake, Mario Antoci of Carmel and Judge John King of Patterson, as well as first responder, retired NYPD Jimmy O’Neill. Monies raised this year will benefit the Putnam County Museum. In the past, the sponsored flags have borne the names of loved ones who died while serving in the military, those presently serving on active duty or simply messages of thanks to area veterans from friends and family.
Veterans Day is commemorated each year on November 11 and is a federal holiday. It marks the official anniversary of the end of World War I when hostilities with Germany ceased on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918.

Sponsorship for a Row of Honor flag is $100.00. Flags can either be picked up or remain for future tributes. To order a flag, e-mail: rowofhonor@putnamcountyny.gov or call Mim at Putnam County Veterans Service Agency at (845) 808-1620.