First Harvest Picked from Tilly Foster Farm Produce to be used at Tilly’s Table and for Seniors

BREWSTER, NY—Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell was on-hand at Tilly Foster Farm and Educational Institute in Brewster recently when the first harvest was picked from the county-owned farm. The third-of-an-acre garden is growing over two dozen types of crops that will be used by Tilly’s Table and the Office for Senior Resources.

“The next phase of Tilly Foster Farm and Educational Institute has become a reality,” Said County Executive MaryEllen Odell. “We are using the rich soil of the farm to grow fruits, vegetables and plants that can be used by Tilly’s Table for its nightly specials and OSR to enhance the seniors’ meals. As we continue to follow the farm plan we will be able to showcase the diverse uses of the property and allow it to benefit all the people of Putnam County.”

The garden is lined with pumpkins, melons, squash, beets, peppers, tomatoes, zucchinis and so much more.

“I am very excited about this. We have put a good team together; they are working well together, and they enjoy what they are doing,” said Chris Ruthven, Deputy Commissioner of Parks. “I am very proud of the product we are producing.”

Tilly’s Table, the restaurant located on Tilly Foster Farm, is purchasing the produce at a fair-market price from Putnam County on a weekly basis. Chef Andre is using the freshly picked fruits and vegetables to create delicious farm-to-table nightly specials for the patrons.

The remaining harvest is being used by the Office for Senior Resources where Sean Sampson uses the farm fresh produce to liven up the lunch offerings at the county’s four Nutrition and Friendship Centers as well as the Meals on Wheels program.

The seniors are enjoying the seasonal additions to the menu. Lorraine Herman of Carmel thinks adding the vegetable grown at Tilly Foster Farm is a great idea.

“I stopped by the Carmel Friendship Center for lunch today and was pleasantly surprised by the delicious lunch that was served – especially the cucumber soup, which everyone raved about,” said Herman. The baby spinach served with the egg salad couldn’t have been fresher or more tender.”

She added, “In looking at the plates that were discarded after the meal, I can tell you there was very little food waste, unlike what it had been prior to implementing this new farm-to-table program.”

Growing crops on the farm has been part of the agricultural plan for the county-owned property since Putnam County took over management of Tilly Foster Farm in 2014.  Tilly’s farmer Donald Arrant started planning for the garden in October. In the spring, Arrant with the help of Lisa Walker, Steve Kessman and Louis Albano began cultivating the land. They then planted seeds from Johnny Seed Company and plants, which were purchased locally from Peterson’s Patterson Greenhouses in Patterson.

In July, the early fruits of their labor were ready to be harvested. The garden has crops that will continue to grow through mid-November, such as carrots and beets, that can be stored and used throughout the winter.

With the success of the early crops, the Tilly Foster Team is already looking to increase the size of the vegetable garden in 2019 as well as grow strawberry and raspberry patches.

Photo Caption: Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell shared in the joy of picking the first vegetables from the garden at Tilly Foster Farm. Pictured (left to right): Donald Arrant, Alex Cyprus, County Executive MaryEllen Odell, Deputy Commissioner of Parks Chris Ruthven, Lisa Walker and Steve Kessman.

Free Use of Veterans Memorial Park for Tonetta Lake Permit Holders While Town Beach Closed

CARMEL, NY – With the blue green algae issue forcing the closure of Tonetta Lake Beach in the Town of Southeast, County Executive MaryEllen Odell, with support from Legislators Joseph Castellano and Paul Jonke, has decided to allow Southeast residents with Tonetta Lake beach passes the ability to use Putnam County Veterans Memorial Park, located on Gipsy Trail Road in the Town of Kent, for free as an alternative while the beach is closed.
“The county has received many requests for a substitute option while their local town beach is closed,” said County Executive Odell. “While this solution does not remedy the blue green algae issue, it provides the residents access to a lake that is open and ready to be used.”

Odell has also offered Kent residents with Lake Carmel permits free use of the beach at Veterans Memorial Park. The beach is open from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. every day through Labor Day.

Seniors Moved to Knights of Columbus as Renovations of the Carmel Friendship Center are Underway

CARMEL, NY –  Putnam County MaryEllen Odell announced that the County has begun the renovations of the Carmel Friendship Center at the Donald B. Smith Campus in Carmel. The new configuration of the building will allow additional services, more room for recreational activities, a larger dining area and an updated kitchen facility.

While the work is being done on the building, the nutrition center and recreational activities will be held at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Fair Street in Carmel.

“Putnam County has the fastest growing and largest percentage of senior population in New York State and we need to ensure that we have the ability to properly serve our aging population, so they can live at home longer and healthier,” said County Executive Odell. “Thanks to money from Senator Terrence Murphy we are able to move the administrative offices of the Office of Senior Resources to another building on the campus and reinvigorate the building to better serve the seniors. I also truly appreciate the graciousness of Knights for allowing the seniors to use theie building during our time of renovation.”

Sen. Murphy secured $550,000 in funding from New York State to use toward the revamp.

“One in every four residents in Putnam County is a senior citizen. They are an asset to the community and we rely on them for their wisdom and experience,” said Senator Terrence Murphy. “The renovation will make the building safer, and give it a more modern look, allowing the Center to reach out to and engage more seniors in their quality services and programs.”

The renovations will transform the Center into a state-of-the-art, energy efficient facility with a room for information and technology, as well as an area to expand the Center’s senior programs.

Additional space dedicated for use by seniors include:

  • An improved and expanded exercise area
  • An improved and expanded arts and crafts room
  • New interview and counseling rooms
  • Expanded nutrition counseling rooms
  • Improved pantry and lunch areas
  • And improved access to the building for the handicapped

The construction of the Carmel Friendship Center is expected to take about six months.

Photo caption: Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell and Senator Terrence Murphy welcomes the seniors to the Knights of Columbus Hall, where lunch will be served and recreational activities will be held while the renovation of the Carmel Friendship Center is underway.




Putnam County Clerk Michael C. Bartolotti hosted a Naturalization Ceremony on Wednesday, June 27, 2018 at 10 a.m. at the Putnam County Historic Courthouse, Carmel, New York.  Clerk Bartolotti administered the Oath of Allegiance to 48 new citizens from 25 different countries.

The Naturalization Ceremony opened by the posting of the colors by American Legion Post 1080 Color Guard.  The Hon. James T. Rooney, Acting Justice of the Supreme Court & Putnam County Court Judge served as the officiating Supreme Court Justice and offered court remarks.  The Hon. MaryEllen Odell, Putnam County Executive, offered welcoming remarks.  Putnam County Sheriff Robert L. Langley, Jr. led the opening prayer.  Mr. Art Hanley, Deputy Director of Putnam County Veterans Affairs, led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Ms. Janet Ocasio, representative from LiveonNY and an organ donor recipient, gave the Keynote Speech.  Isabella Ciatto, a junior at Carmel High School, presented the gathering with beautiful renditions of the “Star Spangled Banner” and God Bless America.”

After the ceremony, a coffee and cake reception was held to welcome our newest citizens.



Twenty-five (25) Nations


NATION                                                        NUMBER OF CASES


BRAZIL                                                                     1

CANADA                                                                  2

CHINA, PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF                                   3

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC                                       2

ECUADOR                                                                4

EGYPT                                                                       1

EL SALVADOR                                                        1

GEORGIA                                                                 2

GREECE                                                                    1

GUATEMALA                                                          7

INDIA                                                                                    2

IRELAND                                                                  1

JORDAN                                                                    2

KOSOVO                                                                   3

MEXICO                                                                    5

MOROCCO                                                               1

PAKISTAN                                                                1

PHILIPINES                                                              1

PORTUGAL                                                              1

REPUBLIC OF KOREA                                           1

ROMANIA                                                                1

RUSSIA                                                                     1

SLOVAKIA                                                               1

UKRAINE                                                                 1

UNITED KINGDOM                                                            2




For further information, call:

Office of the Putnam County Clerk at 845-808-1142 Ext. 49301