2017 Putnam County Youth Award Recipients

  • Caitlin Andersen
  • James Carmody
  • Joseph Dellabate
  • Mary Esposito
  • Taylor Ganis
  • Austin Giacomelli
  • Meredith Jennings
  • Samantha Joia
  • Patrick LaFontaineAlessandra LaRocco
  • Beatriz Lopes
  • Caila McCaghey
  • Ruby McEwen
  • Edmund Northup
  • Bethany Rolon
  • Molly Ross

2017 Putnam County Adult Award Recipient

  • Peter Priolo

These sixteen (16) students and one adult recipient will be recognized at our 32nd Youth Awards Dinner on Friday, April 7, 2017 at Putnam County Golf Course – 187 Hill St., Mahopac, NY 10541 for their community service efforts that benefit the residents of Putnam County. Click to View Invite & Announcement.

Interested in Nominating someone for the 2018 Youth Awards?

There are many high school students who serve as positive role models in Putnam; we are asking you to help us identify them! Please support our efforts by nominating one or more students and/or adult(s) that deserve to be honored for his/her exemplary community service efforts.
Candidates must have performed their community service without payment or benefit. Youth Award recipients are recognized for the volunteer work they performed that benefits Putnam residents and makes Putnam a better place in which to live. One adult is also recognized at this event for his/her exemplary community service work directly with Putnam youth.


  • Must be a high school student who resides in Putnam County or attends a high school within Putnam.
  • Volunteer Service performed in 2017 is required; volunteer work from the past 4 years will be considered.
  • Must be an active volunteer & must have performed a minimum of 1 year of community service in Putnam; 1-4 years of service will be considered.
  • Volunteer work benefitting the Putnam community is desired; service outside Putnam will be considered.
  • Volunteer service performed for people, organizations or the community must have been unpaid.
  • Only individual volunteers are eligible for this award; volunteer groups will not be considered.
  • Nominator may serve as a Reference (UNLESS the Nominator is a parent or relative of the Nominee).


  • Must be over 21 years of age and must live OR work in Putnam County
  • Must have performed at least two (2) consecutive years of volunteer work with Putnam Youth
  • Volunteer work with Putnam County Youth from previous years will be considered
  • Volunteer service must have been unpaid and must have benefitted Putnam County residents
  • Only individual volunteers are eligible for this award; volunteer groups will not be considered
  • Nominator may serve as one of the volunteer’s three (3) required references unless the nominator is a relative.

”Qualities Considered for Award Selection”

  • Commitment/Consistency to Service
  • Attitude
  • Positive Role Model
  • Leadership