30th Annual Youth Awards Dinner Seeks Nominations

November 10, 2014

Our 30th Annual Youth Awards Dinner will be held on Friday, April 10, 2015 at Putnam County Golf Club at 6:30 pm. The Youth Board, in collaboration with the Youth Bureau, hosts this event each year to publicly honor the dedication of Putnam’s most outstanding youth volunteers.

There are many high school students serving as positive role models in Putnam and we are asking you to help us identify them! Please support our efforts by nominating students and/or adults who deserve to be honored for their exemplary community service efforts.

Candidates must have performed their community service without payment or benefit. Youth Award recipients are recognized for their volunteer efforts that benefit Putnam residents and make Putnam a better place in which to live! One adult is also honored each year for his/her dedication and exemplary community service work directly with Putnam youth.

Each candidate will receive a detailed letter, a copy of the Nomination Form submitted on his/her behalf, a Volunteer Service Log to be completed with the details of the community service work he/she performed, and three (3) Reference Forms to be completed by those who can best describe the quantity and the quality of his/her community service efforts.

Won’t you please take a moment to nominate one or two candidates worthy of consideration? The criteria candidates must meet is specified at the top of each form.Kindly complete the appropriate (YOUTH or ADULT) Nomination Form/s and return to us. You may make additional copies of the forms if needed but please note NO attachments will be accepted!

2015 Youth Nomination Form

2015 Youth Nomination Instructions

2015 Adult Nomination Form

2015 Adult Nomination Instructions


ALL Nominations MUST Be Received by



Janeen Cunningham                                                Richard Reinhardt, President

Executive Director                                                    Putnam County Youth Board

Putnam County Youth Bureau                               Youth Awards Dinner Committee




October 22, 2014

Putnam County Youth Court’s 27th annual fall training session is currently underway, with trainees from all over Putnam County preparing for their Bar Exam and learning all about the law, rights and responsibilities, and how to hold real hearings as a Youth Court member.

Our training classes this year are being taught by experts in their field, including:

  • Putnam County Court Judge James F. Reitz
  • Assistant District Attorney Lisa Ortolano
  • Putnam County Probation Officer April Lathrop
  • Deputy and Resource Officer Michael Schmidt
  • Defense Attorney Joseph Tock

Trainees are learning to perform the duties of Judge, Prosecuting Attorney, Defense Attorney, Bailiff, Clerk, Court Supervisor, and Juror. These new Youth Court recruits are practicing mock trials and writing statements based on an actual case heard in Youth Court (with identifying details changed).

In addition to classroom learning with the experts, trainees will sit on the bench with Judge Spofford or Judge Jacobellis during open court, and attend an in-depth tour of the Putnam County Jail with Officer Steven Toth.

In the coming weeks, trainees will practice for their Bar Exam and Mock Trial, and upon graduation, become full Youth Court members. Putnam County Youth Court currently has over 150 active members.


September 25, 2014 – Carmel, NY

2014 - First Night of Training

Putnam County Youth Court has just begun its 2014 Fall Session with a fantastic first night of training! Our current Youth Court members presented a mock trial based on an actual case heard in Youth Court (with names & details changed for confidentiality.) This year, Youth Court training is focusing on a dangerous new trend: prescription drug abuse among youth.
Our children and communities are facing a real problem with prescription drug abuse. Most kids and even some adults don’t know that it is against the law to take or use someone else’s prescription medicines, and many parents don’t lock up their dangerous drugs. In Youth Court, we not only help defendants get back on track – we also educate our youth and families about emergent, dangerous trends.
Youth Court is simultaneously a fantastic community resource for helping young people who are heading down the wrong path, and an exciting and educational opportunity for youth interested in pursuing a legal career. For more information about Putnam County Youth Court, please email youthcourt@putnamcountyny.gov, or call 845-808-1600 x46122.




September 16, 2014 
The Putnam County Youth Court is gearing up for its 27th annual Fall Training Session, to be held at the Historic Court in Carmel. Youth Court is a peer court that hears cases of crimes committed by teens under age sixteen; defendants make their case in a courtroom entirely staffed by other teens that have been trained to serve as attorneys, bailiffs, clerks, judges, and juries.
Youth Court offers these youth the opportunity to constructively assume responsibility for their actions as well as learn about the justice system. In Putnam County Youth Court, we practice restorative – not punitive – justice: youth who are found guilty can be sentenced to up to fifty hours of community service, letters of apology, essays, jail tours, court observations, and other activities that help rehabilitate youth and strengthen the community.
Youth Court volunteer members range in age from 12 to 19 and come from communities throughout Putnam County. The ten-week intensive training session, beginning on September 24th, features experts in the field, and prepares our volunteers to serve as court officers in real cases.
Any youth interested in joining Youth Court should fill out Youth Court Application 2014, or for more information send an email to youthcourt@putnamcountyny.gov.



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Directions to the Donald B. Smith County Government Campus
Youth Bureau | Building Three

Take Interstate Rt. 84 to Exit 19 (Route 312, Carmel)
Make a RIGHT off the Exit Ramp onto Route 312.
At the next traffic light make a RIGHT onto Route 6
Continue driving on Route 6 for only 1 mile
At the light, make a LEFT @ the corner onto Old Route 6
Now make a quick right into the Donald B. Smith County Govt. Campus
Drive straight back past flags out front & alongside Bldg. One (Office of Aging)
Make a LEFT at the end of Bldg. One and
Make a quick RIGHT into our parking lot.
Enter where blue sign says “Youth Services”, and make a left inside the building.
The address is 110 Old Route Six Carmel NY 10512.

Any problems – please call (845) 808-1600 extension 46120