Residents Save $700K with Prescription Discount Card

MaryEllen Odell
Putnam County Executive
(845) 808-1001

March 19, 2014

Residents Save $700K with Prescription Discount Card

In February of 2012, Putnam County and ProAct implemented a free prescription drug discount card program for all county residents.  As the program approaches its second year, Putnam County residents have combined to save over $700,000 on nearly 11,000 prescriptions. 

Putnam County is one of many counties across the country who have endorsed the ProAct administered program to provide lower costing prescriptions for their residents.  There are no enrollment forms or application fees to utilize the program and every resident within the county is eligible to participate regardless of age, income or existing health care coverage. 

“We wanted to make sure county residents didn’t have to pay the full cash price for their prescription medications.  Having a discount program like the Pro-Act Prescription Discount Card available to all of our residents, making it less costly for them to obtain their prescribed medications just makes sense – no pun intended,” said County Executive MaryEllen Odell. “It’s obvious our residents approve of the idea as they have taken to using their Pro-Act cards regularly for almost two years.” 

The Putnam County Prescription Discount Card is completely anonymous and has already been activated for residents’ convenience.  In order to receive the savings associated with the program, a resident must present their prescription and discount card at a participating pharmacy.  More than 60,000 pharmacies across the country now participate in the program. Residents can locate the nearest participating store by visiting or by calling the ProAct helpdesk at 1-877-776-2285.  Those who utilize the program can expect to see savings ranging from 10-20% off name brand medications and 20-70% off generic medications.  The discount card cannot be used to reduce co-pays or deductibles, and the card cannot be used in conjunction with any form of insurance. 

The Prescription Discount Card Program is completely free to taxpayers, the county and to participating residents.  There are no restrictions on card usage.

I encourage every resident in the county to carry a card to avoid paying the full cash price for any of their medications,” said Odell.  

Cards are available at participating pharmacies, the Department of Social Services, the Health Department, and the County Office Building.  Residents having access to the internet can download a card at