What are the Rules and Appendices?
Section 20 of the Civil Service Law requires that each municipal civil service
agency amend and enforce Rules for carrying out the provisions of Article V,
Section 6 of the State Constitution and Civil Service Law. Municipal Rules must
address several areas, including:

  • Jurisdictional classification for positions in the classified service under its jurisdiction
  • Position classification for such positions
  • Examinations
  • Appointments
  • Promotions
  • Transfers
  • Reinstatements
  • Resignations
  • Local civil service Rules have the force and effect of law and assist the local
    agency to effectively administer merit and fitness.

    There are two parts of local civil service Rules: the Text and the Appendices.

    The Text sets up mechanisms and procedures for selected actions by the
    municipal civil service agency. It more precisely defines certain rights and
    responsibilities of employees and appointing officers than is provided by the Civil
    Service Law.

    The Appendices list, by jurisdictional classification, all classified and unclassified
    titles that have been formally removed from the competitive class. Titles of
    positions under an agency’s jurisdiction not listed in the Rules Appendices are in
    the competitive class.

    Civil service Rules are adopted and amended by municipal civil service agencies
    in order to assist in the effective administration of merit system provisions
    provided for in Civil Service Law. The Rules are, in effect, an extension of and
    supplement to Civil Service Law, and, as such, they provide authority for many
    actions and set up certain controls. They more clearly define the rights of
    employees in the classified service than is accomplished in the Law itself. Also,
    they further stipulate the obligations of appointing authorities in their interactions
    with civil service employees and the civil service agency.