The Automotive Division of Putnam County maintains a fleet of over 300, vehicles not counting vehicle attachments, small engine tools and mowers. Our qualified mechanics weld, do bodywork, paint, diagnose and repair. These vehicles include the Sheriff Department’s unmarked and marked patrol units, Department of Social Services, Office for the Aging buses, Health Department vehicles, as well as the Highway Department’s heavy equipment to name a few.
Along with doing major repairs, our Division is accountable for performing the preventative maintenance on these vehicles on a regular basis. We have NYS Certified inspectors on staff assuring our vehicles meet the safety standards set by New York State. Our dedicated employees are willing to respond to any problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which giving all County employees the security in knowing that help is just a phone call away.






The Division of Planning & Design provides engineering, planning and technical support services for the Department of Highways and Facilities. These services include engineering and architectural design, land surveying, generation of contract and bid documents (including drafting of plans), construction support and inspection, and contract administration. It is the Division’s responsibility to deliver these services in a professional manner that ensures quality and economy in the designed project.

Additional duties of the Division include administering the County’s highway work permit program, pavement and bridge management systems, and traffic count program;

maintenance of the Division’s maps, drawings, records and aerial photography; research for Freedom of Information requests and litigation cases; and coordination with the Department’s design consultants.


The Facilities Division of Putnam County maintains and repairs all county owned/leased facilities in the safest and most comfortable conditions possible. We work with all county staff cooperatively and support each department in a professional manner. The division is composed of highly skilled and licensed craftsmen who specialize in all the building trades. We perform new construction as well as renovations of existing spaces.



Grants   Revenue   Purchases

Accounts Payable   Payroll / Personnel

The Fiscal Division is directly involved with all aspects of Highways & Facilities that relate to funding issues.  Annual operating and on-going capital project budgets are prepared.  The Highway Department administers all major capital construction projects and most Federal Highway Administration/New York State construction projects on County roads and bridges.  The Highway Department also administers many facility construction projects that involve grant reimbursement from various other agencies.  These road, bridge and facility construction projects require that we work with Law, Audit, Finance, Purchasing and Personnel at the County level and the Department of Transportation & Emergency Management, at the State level.  For specific type grants, we work with the Governor’s Office for Small Cities and the Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation in Albany and the Office of Housing & Urban Development in Washington, DC.

Our dedicated Fiscal Staff contributes greatly to keeping the department running smoothly.



The Construction and Maintenance Division is comprised of workers ranging from laborers to heavy equipment operators. This Division is responsible for over 200 miles of roads from the Hudson River to the Connecticut border. These faithful employees will respond on a moments notice to any emergency situation which might occur on our highways 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In conjunction with snow and ice removal, these workers maintain the roadways by installing drainage pipes and basins, repairing guide rail, cutting and trimming roadside vegetation and many other projects.

This Division is appreciative to have these dedicated workers on its staff to serve the motoring public of Putnam County.



The Putnam County Sign Shop’s number one priority is maintaining the traffic signals along with regulatory and warning signs on the County’s 117.77 miles of roads. With our state of the art Sign Shop we fabricate all the signs needed to ensure the pedestrian / motoring public that travels through Putnam County the highest quality of reflective signs available.

We also maintain all the pavement markings on our road system. Together with stop bars, railroad crossings, crosswalks, etc.  We are also responsible for keeping all our facilities parking lots marked and in accordance with ADA standards.

We manufacture and apply various decals for a wide range of applications from Police vehicles to window directories. Our responsibility includes signage of all the buildings owned by Putnam County. Our signs are in compliance with ADA and we have the capability fabricating our own Braille signs.
In an effort to conserve resources we work in partnership with our Towns and Villages within our county and supply them with their sign needs in a timely manner.
In partnership with our Towns and Villages, our goal is to provide the motoring public a safe journey through Putnam County.