Putnam County Places, Names, Boundaries & Dates

Over the years, the boundaries and names of Putnam County and of its political subdivisions changed frequently.

1683 Civil Divisions of Dutchess County formed by Colonial Legislature

1697 Philipse Patent granted to Adolph Philipse

South Precinct 1737


1719 Dutchess County divided into 3 “divisions” called “wards”

1731 Thomas Hawley and others receive patent for The Oblong

1737 Area styled “South Precinct” by Colonial Assembly

1754 Patent divided into 9 lots after death of Adolph Philipse



1772 Precinct divided into Southeast, Philips, and Fredericksburgh Precincts



1778 Precincts become towns



1795 Act to divide Frederickstown and Southeast Town into towns of Carmel, Frederick, Franklin, and Southeast



1806 Fishkill annexes northwest corner of Philipstown



1808 Name of Franklin changed to Patterson

1812 Act to divide Dutchess County, creating Putnam County

1817 Name of Frederick changed to Kent

1839 Philipstown divided, and Town of Quincy created



1840 Name of Quincy changed to Putnam Valley

1861 Part of Carmel west of Peekskill Hollow Creek annexed by Putnam Valley



1879 Northwestern Philipstown ceded to Kent