The Coroner has jurisdiction and authority to investigate the death of every person in the County whose death appears to be due to criminal violence, suicide, casualty, caused by an unlawful act or criminal neglect; occurring in a suspicious, unusual or unexplained manner; unattended death, unknown cause of death, or any person confined to an institution. Family permission is not required.

*The Coroner’s are available 24/7 via the police.  The office is manned on a part-time basis.  Any calls, letters, or emails received will be handled promptly when the office is staffed.

To obtain copy of the Medical Examiner’s Report:

You can print a copy of the Request for Autopsy Report online:  (Parent or Spouse) (Next of Kin) or call/email the office to have a copy mailed to you.  Once we have received your request, a copy of the report will be mailed to you when it is completed (approximately 10 or more weeks).

Autopsy Reports:

Under New York statutory law, autopsy reports are specifically exempted from public disclosure under the Freedom of Information Law.  Autopsy reports will only be released to anyone who falls under Putnam County Guidelines.

Cause of Death Pending:

A “Pending” death certificate is issued if further study is needed.  This allows the Funeral Home to claim the decedent for burial/cremation.  This may not satisfy the requirements of insurance companies.  Once all labs and cultures are completed, the autopsy report will be finalized and corrections to the death certificate will be completed.

To Obtain an Amended Death Certificate:

When the Medical Examiner Report is finalized, any amendments to death certificates stating “Pending Further Investigation” will be made.  This can take an additional two weeks.  Copies of Amended Certificates can be obtained ONLY from the Town Clerk where the place of death occurred.

Release of decedent after autopsy:

Any inquiries regarding release of the decedent is handled by the Funeral Home.

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