Job Posting: Commissioner of Emergency Services

Candidates must have either:

  • Bachelors degree and minimum of seven (7) years high-level experience in fire and emergency services, disaster management, emergency planning and preparedness and/or emergency operations, including supervisory experience; or
  • Associates degree and nine (9) years of the above-described experience; or
  • High School Diploma or its equivalent and twelve (12) years of the above-described experience.
  • Military service may substitute for up to three (3) years of the above-described experience on a year-for-year basis.Send application/resume to:
    Putnam County Personnel Department
    110 Old Route 6, Bldg 3
    Carmel, NY 10512

    Applications must be received by February 6, 2015

Click here for the Putnam County Application



Putnam County, along with its towns and villages, are in the process of developing a Hazard Mitigation Plan

Putnam County, along with its towns and villages, are in the process of developing a Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP).  This plan is required by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in order to be eligible for federal grant funding for public and private mitigation projects.   The HMP provides a “blueprint” by which local governments can make coordinated, cost-effective efforts towards reducing losses from natural hazards (flooding, severe storms, severe winter storms, extreme temperatures, etc.).  Available funding can support projects such as drainage improvements, structural elevations, and backup power for schools and critical facilities.  To find out more please visit our project website at http://www.putnamhmp.comand take our citizen preparedness and mitigation survey at Haz-Mit Logo 2Mitigation PlanningHMP


Odell to have First Responders Lead the Search for New Emergency Services Commissioner

Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell held a meeting on Saturday morning at the TOPS building in Carmel with first responders from throughout the County to go over the process for appointing a new Commissioner of the Bureau of Emergency Services. Past Commissioner Adam Stiebeling, who was appointed to the position on Sept. 12, 2012 by Odell, was not reappointed to the position for 2015.

To Odell, former Commissioner Robert McMahon, epitomized what a leader of emergency management should be. McMahon retired from the bureau in September 2012 and died in October 2013.

“Bob was a man of service,” said Odell. “He loved his community. He was a veteran, a career New York City firefighter and a nurse. Every time Bob had something to say to me I would hang on to his words. His words were truly valuable to this community, particularly to the first responder community.”

She added. “Bob had a vision. I am going to continue Bob McMahon’s vision through the Commissioner of Emergency Services. His vision was selfless and it was about service. It was about making sure the people of Putnam County were safe, every day. As County Executive I am going to make sure that is what we do.”

Putnam County’s personnel department will start advertising the vacant position in newspapers, on the county website and through social media next week.

A seven-member committee, led by Director of Personnel, Paul Eldridge, and consisting of at least four people from the first responder community, will then determine the questions that will be asked to the candidates. The committee will be made up of Eldridge, a member respectively from the fire advisory board, the emergency management safety board, the fire chiefs association, an emergency medical service worker, a representative appointed by the chairman of the Putnam County Legislature and one other person to be determined by the first responder community. 

“We try to make the questions standardized as possible,” said Eldridge at the meeting. “It makes for a better interview and a fair process. Everyone is basically answering the same questions and the committee can then compare responses.”

Tentatively, the deadline to submit an application or resume for the commissioner position will be Feb. 6.

By Feb. 23, the selection committee will then go through the applicants, establish the group of people who should move forward and hold interviews with them. The committee will narrow the selection down to three people who they will recommend be interviewed by the County Executive.

Odell will then meet with the candidates and identify up to two people for the personnel department to conduct final vetting on. After the personnel department reports back to the County Executive, she can make a conditional offer to the chosen candidate. The appointment will be conditional until it is confirmed by the legislature.

Odell intends on naming the new Commissioner during the State of the County address on Thursday, March 12.

 “I am glad to see that the administration has created a committee made up primarily of first responders —the people the position is going to affect,” said Ed McCarthy, deputy chief of the Putnam Valley Fire Department. “Rather than just making a political appointment, which would be within the County Executive’s right, she is willing to take our input. I am very happy that she is going about it the right way.”

Odell also dispelled rumors at the meeting. She dismissed reports concerning the closing of the county’s 9-1-1 dispatch center. In fact, within the past month, Odell approved five new dispatch positions for the 9-1-1 call center.

“We are not dissolving the 9-1-1 call center, no jobs will be lost,” said Odell. “We are also not dismantling this building or the bureau of emergency services. We are trying to make sure we are fiscally responsible, we are meeting our opportunities for efficiencies and we are delivering the optimum safety emergency services to the community, to the constituents we serve.”

Photo Caption: County Executive MaryEllen Odell speaks to first responders and other members of the community about what the process will be to find a new commissioner of the Bureau of Emergency Services at the TOPS building on Saturday, Jan. 10.



The Health Department is tracking Putnam flu cases

Putnam County Department of Health
1 Geneva Road
Brewster, New York 10509


BREWSTER, NY—We’re tracking Putnam Flu cases….The count is up to 69 cases confirmed in Putnam as of today—that’s up 2 cases from last week’s final numbers.

Is the flu winding down? Not necessarily…just take a look at last year’s New York State flu numbers (the green line). There was a second large peak in April 2014.

ConfirmedFluMAP-01212015 NYS flu stats 1212015


County Clerk’s Office Press Release

Dennis J. Sant
County Clerk

Michael C. Bartolotti
First Deputy County Clerk

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Putnam County Clerk Dennis J. Sant and First Deputy Clerk Michael C. Bartolotti today thanked Governor Andrew Cuomo for signing legislation which eliminates the fee for the addition of a Veteran’s distinction on a driver’s license or
non-driver identification card prior to renewal. The Bill unanimously passed both the New York State Senate (Bill S5955A) and Assembly (Bill A8231A) earlier in the year.

“With the Governor signing this legislation into law, Veterans across New York State have the right to proudly display their service and status on their drivers’ licenses and non-driver identification cards at no additional cost,” said Bartolotti. “This is another way to honor the men and women who have served our great nation not only on Veteran’s Day, but every day.”

In 2013, a law was enacted to allow honorably discharged service men and women the option of having their Veteran status on drivers’ licenses and non-driver identification cards. Unfortunately, the State DMV interpreted this law to require a Veteran to pay a $12.50 amendment fee to add the Veteran status when requested prior to the renewal date of the document. County Clerks throughout New York State rallied against the imposition of this unnecessary fee.

NYSACC passed a Resolution setting forth the County Clerks’ position that any fees associated with displaying the Veteran status on a NYS driver’s license or non-driver ID card should be waived and should not be imposed. In 2014, this position was of the highest priority in the County Clerks’ 2014 Legislative Agenda which was delivered to members of the State Legislature.

“I am pleased that the Governor has joined County Clerks who are committed to honoring those who have served our great nation by signing this legislation into law,” said Sant.


For further information, call: Office of the Putnam County Clerk at 845-808-1142 Ext. 49301


Questions about Ebola?

New York State has launched a new State information line to answer questions from New Yorkers about Ebola. The free info line is 1-800-861-2280. Trained staff will answer 24/7. The line is for public health information purposes only, not for those in need of medical attention.


Emerging Infections: Enterovirus D68 and Ebola

The Health Department strives daily to ensure the health and safety of Putnam County residents. Trained staff members monitor the health status of the community in order to identify emerging infections and work with community partners to reduce transmission of disease. Partners include the healthcare providers, hospitals, schools, laboratories, and the EMS community.

Enterovirus D68






Friday, August 1, 2014


First Deputy County Clerk Michael C. Bartolotti today warned Putnam County residents of a telephone scam which claims the phone call recipient will have a warrant for their arrest if they fail to dial an out-of-state phone number by 5:00 p.m. that same day and make payment.  In this current scam, the caller ID appears as a number from the County Clerk’s Office and the fraudulent person identified herself as calling from the Putnam County Clerk’s Office.  In a message left to one resident, the phone number to return the call was (423) 536-6354 which is a telemarketing agency in Tennessee.

“It is very important for residents to know that the Clerk’s Office does not make phone calls pertaining to warrants or demanding that anyone make payment over the phone,” said First Deputy County Clerk Michael Bartolotti.  “If you receive this phone call, do not return the call and never send money to an unknown caller who demands payment.”

The Putnam County Clerk’s Office has been notified by a resident who received this type of call.  “We are alerting residents to be aware of this scam so others won’t be sending their hard earned money to these criminals,” added Bartolotti.

Bartolotti provided further guidance on how to handle these types of scams.  “People should never provide personal information over the phone when receiving these types of calls.  If you do get a phone call from any purported government agency requesting personal information or a credit card payment over the phone, hand up immediately and contact the government agency’s public telephone number for clarification.

Bartolotti also urges those receiving these fraudulent calls to contact the Putnam County Clerk’s Office at 845-808-1142 Ext. 49301 and file a report.  Bartolotti has also alerted the New York State Attorney General’s Office for further review of these types of scams.