Friday, August 1, 2014


First Deputy County Clerk Michael C. Bartolotti today warned Putnam County residents of a telephone scam which claims the phone call recipient will have a warrant for their arrest if they fail to dial an out-of-state phone number by 5:00 p.m. that same day and make payment.  In this current scam, the caller ID appears as a number from the County Clerk’s Office and the fraudulent person identified herself as calling from the Putnam County Clerk’s Office.  In a message left to one resident, the phone number to return the call was (423) 536-6354 which is a telemarketing agency in Tennessee.

“It is very important for residents to know that the Clerk’s Office does not make phone calls pertaining to warrants or demanding that anyone make payment over the phone,” said First Deputy County Clerk Michael Bartolotti.  “If you receive this phone call, do not return the call and never send money to an unknown caller who demands payment.”

The Putnam County Clerk’s Office has been notified by a resident who received this type of call.  “We are alerting residents to be aware of this scam so others won’t be sending their hard earned money to these criminals,” added Bartolotti.

Bartolotti provided further guidance on how to handle these types of scams.  “People should never provide personal information over the phone when receiving these types of calls.  If you do get a phone call from any purported government agency requesting personal information or a credit card payment over the phone, hand up immediately and contact the government agency’s public telephone number for clarification.

Bartolotti also urges those receiving these fraudulent calls to contact the Putnam County Clerk’s Office at 845-808-1142 Ext. 49301 and file a report.  Bartolotti has also alerted the New York State Attorney General’s Office for further review of these types of scams.


Putnam is Paying for the Perks of New York City with New Energy Capacity Zone

Dear Editor,

As of May 1, residents in Putnam and the rest of the Hudson Valley will have double digit increases on their utility bills without any new benefit or service being provided to the local communities. The implementation of the new Energy Capacity Zone, which was brainchild of the New York Independent System Operator and approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, attempts to resolve the future energy shortfall caused by the consumption in New York City and Long Island by allowing energy generators to increase rates to communities in the Lower Hudson Valley now.

Residents can anticipate up to a 10 percent rate hike and business owners are expecting up to an 18 percent increase.

As the county executive for Putnam County, I know all too well how the needs of New York City and Long Island fall on the backs of the people in the Lower Hudson Valley. We are already subject to the MTA Payroll Tax and the MS4 regulations which cause extra expenses and few benefits to our communities. The new capacity zone is expected to impose a $230 million increase in energy costs for Hudson Valley residents in the coming year and almost $500 million over the next three years.

Our residents cannot afford this and they should not have to bear this burden. The only ones benefitting from the NYISO’s insistence that the zoning start now is the existing energy generating companies that already charge the highest rates in the state.

Technology has forced our society to rely on energy, but charging more will not help deliver a better product or control consumers’ usage. Instead the higher rates will force residents to have less discretionary income and could stall any growth in the region’s economy.

Alternative ways to generate and transmit energy need to be explored and a comprehensive plan should be in place before communities are forced to pay for hypothetical solutions.

In March, I joined Senator Charles Schumer, Reps. Sean Patrick Maloney, Chris Gibson and State Senator Terry Gipson in urging the FERC to delay the implantation of the new capacity zone until 2017 when more information would be available and other solutions considered. We need all of our local representatives to unite with us for the sake of our constituents.

I have called on Albany to take action. I am still waiting. We need our representatives in the NYS Senate and Assembly to work on putting a stop to the new capacity zoning. They need to be our voice and we are saying, “We cannot afford to pay for the needs of New York City.”

This is not a partisan issue. The issue is simple. Residents and businesses in Putnam County and the rest of the Lower Hudson Valley should not have to pay higher energy bills just because their neighbors to the south will one day use more energy than can currently be generated.

Contact your local, state and federal representatives and urge them to join the fight against the new capacity zone.


MaryEllen Odell
Putnam County Executive



Opt Out


March 26, 2014

To All Putnam County Pistol Permit Holders:

Putnam County is continuing to fight for the right to protect our citizens from an unwarranted invasion of their safety and personal privacy. Putnam County Clerk Dennis J. Sant and First Deputy Clerk Michael C. Bartolotti have one thing to say to all Putnam County Pistol Permit Holders; that is, “It’s not too late to file your opt-out form.”  RUN, don’t walk, to your Putnam County Clerk’s Office so you can help us help you.

During our latest wave of community outreach to our pistol permit holders to assist in the filing of their opt out forms, we learned that this provision in the law, more notably the 120 day moratorium period, was very confusing to the public it was designed to protect.  The wording of the law, along with its misinterpretation by certain media outlets, led to confusion by the public that once the moratorium period ended no opt out forms would be accepted.  We just want to stress to all pistol permit holders that is not the case and nothing could be further from the truth.

Again, we urge all pistol permit holders that if you have not done so already, please remit an Opt-Out form to this office as soon as possible.  Currently, the only protection you may have from disclosure is to have an approved Opt Out form in your permit file.    The sooner you get this completed form back to our office, the sooner your personal information will remain confidential.  Contact Michael Bartolotti, 1st Deputy County Clerk, at 845-808-1142 Ext. 49303 to file your opt-out forms and with any questions or concerns you may have. 


Putnam County Pistol License holder FOIL “Opt Out” Form

If you are a pistol license holder or know of somebody who is this may be of interest to you;

As you may be aware New York State has made available an “Opt Out” form for all pistol license holders who wish to exempt their name and address from disclosure. County Clerk Dennis Sant and County Executive MaryEllen Odell want to make sure all pistol license holders have the opportunity to take advantage of this new provision.

If a pistol license holder wishes to “Opt Out” of disclosure they may do the following:

  • Please download the attached form
  • Complete all relevant parts of the form
  • Sign and date the form
  • Return the completed form to the Putnam County Clerk’s Office either in person, or via U.S. mail at 40 Gleneida Avenue, Room 100, Carmel, New York 10512

Should you have any questions regarding this matter please contact us at 845-808-1142 extension 49307.